The Stable 2018 Terms and Conditions:

The Stable is The Good Beer Company’s annual beer club.


  • Membership includes eight (8) 750mL bottles and eight (8) 500mL bottles of wild ale (16 total bottles!)

  • In 2018, you can expect about half of the bottles included in your membership to be exclusive to The Stable

  • Members receive exclusive pre-sale access to publicly available bottles ("Pre-sale Bottles")

  • Membership includes one (1) bottle cradle (see photo below)

  • Member-only allocation bottles, pre-sale bottles, and merchandise can be picked up at The Good Beer Company tasting room in Downtown Santa Ana free of charge

  • Option to ship bottles and merchandise in California (additional fees apply)

  • Bottles and merchandise will be held until March 31, 2019

  • Invitation to the exclusive Year End Celebration in December

  • Cost is $290 plus tax



Today: The Stable information distributed to current members and renewals begin

October 1, 2017: Unfulfilled memberships (if any) may be offered to the public for purchase on first come first served basis

November 5, 2017: The Good Beer Company anniversary!

December 31, 2017: Last day to purchase your 2018 Membership.

December 10th: Year end celebration exclusively for The Stable 2017 members - details forthcoming

January 1, 2018-December 31, 2018: The duration of your membership in The Stable

March 31, 2018: Tentative Q1 release (subject to change)

June 30, 2018: Tentative Q2 release (subject to change)

September 29, 2018: Tentative Q3 release (subject to change)

December 29, 2018: Tentative Q4 release (subject to change)

March 31, 2019: Absolute last date to pick up ALL 2018 membership purchases – no exceptions



As a member in The Stable, you'll receive eight wild ales packaged in 750mL bottles and eight wild ales packaged in 500mL bottles (mixed fermentation/barrel fermented project) in 2018. We estimate that at least eight of these beers included with the membership will be exclusive to the Stable (exclusive beers are denoted by an asterisk* in the list below). Because wild ales are notoriously finicky and unpredictable, we hesitate to provide anticipated releases, but here’s what we’re hoping to release in 2018:

  • Q1: Yellow Peach George, specialty blend*, barrel fermented fruit blend*, seasonal citrus mixed fermentation

  • Q2: Cherry Oro, specialty blend*, barrel fermented fruit blend*, seasonal citrus mixed fermentation

  • Q3: White Peach George, specialty blend*, barrel fermented fruit blend*, seasonal citrus mixed fermentation

  • Q4: Apricot Oro, specialty blend*, barrel fermented fruit blend*, seasonal citrus mixed fermentation

  • Anticipated additional Oro releases in 2018: Blueberry Oro, Blackberry Oro, Boysenberry Oro, Guava Oro, Pineapple Oro, and more!

  • Anticipated mixed fermentation/barrel fermented blends in 2018: Dry hop, seasonal citrus, Strawberry+, Passion Fruit+, Mango+ and more!


We plan to release at least four beers (two in each bottle volume) per quarter (four total distributions), subject to revision, at the end of each quarter. We reserve the right to hold small quantities.


You have the option to either pick up your quarterly distribution in person, assign a trustee to pick up your beer (email The Stable to assign or change a trustee), or have your beer shipped within California (additional fees apply, and shipping is limited to California). We’ll work with you to combine certain orders into combined shipments. Shipped packages must be signed for by someone over the age of 21; failing to provide an appropriate shipping address may result in delayed, returned or lost shipments and potentially loss of amount paid for shipping and/or the shipped products. We will hold your quarterly distribution until March 31, 2019.


Our brewery still has limited storage space - please help us out by picking up your quarterly distributions promptly after they're released. Additionally, we require at least 1-week (7 days) notice (via email) to guarantee your pick up. If you fail to provide 1-week notice prior to pick up, your bottles may not be in stock. To guarantee that your bottles in stock, you must provide 1-week notice prior to pick up.


The Stable members will continue to receive special access to limited public release pre-sale. This means that when we have an interesting beer that we plan to release to the public we may offer that beer up for pre-sale to members of The Stable. Beginning in 2018, any non-exclusive beers that remain in stock after the release date will be added to our new online public web store.


The club-only bottle cradle included with your membership will be available for pick up with the first distribution of the year. Please be aware that if you elect to ship your bottle cradle, it will be shipped separately from your first allotment - it will not fit in a pulp shipper and additional shipping fees will apply.


You must be 21 or older, and present valid identification, in order to join The Stable. Beers acquired through The Stable membership shall not be re-sold - do not resell bottles included in this membership. If you choose to illegally resell beer included in this membership, your membership will be terminated without warning.


Any questions? Send an email to