Welcome to The Stable 2017!

Howdy! We have lots of info to share with you - this email contains tons of info! First, we want to thank you for joining The Stable for 2017 - we can't wait to start releasing the members-only bottles. Second, please bear with us while we work out some of the kinks that come with shipping beer, the new members-only section, and a new e-commerce platform. 

This email provides information on how to access the members-only section, social media updates, anticipated releases, currently available beers, pre-sale opportunities, club merchandise update, shipping updates.

How do I access the members-only section?
If you're a new member, you've already used the members-only section of our website to register for The Stable. If you're a returning 2016 member, you can follow these instructions to set up an account:

  1. Open www.thegoodbeerco.com and acknowledge that you're at least 21 years of age
  2. On the top right, click "The Stable Log In” - you can "Sign Up" for a new account.
  3. Please create your account by the end of January (you will no longer be able to create accounts after January 31. 

Please contact us at thestable@thegoodbeerco.com if you have any problems or questions.

How do I get more information?
Because we learned the hard way that emails are not 100% dependable, we have put in place a few new platforms where you can get information about pre-sales, members-only releases, and pick up deadlines. You can find The Stable on Instagram (@thestableclub) and Facebook (facebook.com/groups/thestableclub). We will post regular updates to both platforms. Additionally, the members only section of the website will always be accessible for you to check for updates, deadlines, and currently available beers.

Whats in the works?
From time to time, we like to share special information with you - our most dedicated fans! As with 2016, you can expect your first allotment near the end of the first quarter. Here are a couple beers we are expecting to release exclusively to The Stable (beer names are placeholders):

  • Pine Needle/Sea Salt - We incorporated the youngest growth from our native Coulter pine into this slightly saline beer. The beer was aged in French oak barrels with pine needles and sea salt, giving this sour beer a flavor and aroma unique-to-California of tangerines, pine forest, and sea foam. This beer is currently conditioning in bottles.
  • Guava - The fruit boasts an aroma and flavor reminiscent of a rose garden in full bloom, perfectly complementing the dry, green apple, and floral character of our "Lady" base beer. This beer is currently conditioning in bottles. 
  • Blackberry/Pluot/Lime - This beer is a blend of tart and funky farmhouse ales aged in oak barrels with California grown blackberries, pluots and limes. We like fruit in our sour beer as much as you do and we get no greater satisfaction than when we combine multiple fruits and watch as the flavors evolve and combine, creating new unique experiences every time we pop a bottle open. This beer will be bottled soon.

That's what you can expect in Q1 - we have tons of other exciting beers in the works for Q2!

What can I order right now?
In 2016, we offered intermittent pre-sale opportunities of publicly available beers. Starting now, we'll be offering our entire retail inventory at any time - no need to secure bottles during the pre-sale. If we have bottles in stock at the brewery, you can purchase them online at any time. We will continue offering bottled beer during the pre-sale period, up to and beyond the public-sale. Pre-sale bottles will continue to have limits. After a bottle goes to public-sale, we'll lift the limits for online purchases, so you can stock up on your favorites! Right now, we have the current bottles available in the e-store: Abuela, Solera (198), Hot Totty, Sophisticated Lady, and Cobwebs. Additionally, this email serves to introduce you to the first pre-sale opportunity of the year - Wild Lady (b4) and Frenchie. Additional details below.

Where's my merch? And, can I order an extra glass?
We just wrapped up a re-work of The Stable typography - you can check it out in the header of the members-only section of the website. With the membership full, we are offering one-last-chance to order "extra" glassware and Growler Club growlers - please place orders before the end of January. You can now purchase a second glass or a Club growler in the e-store.

We haven't offered extra glassware up to this point because we were not certain what the shape, logo, and pricing would look like. We've selected an elegant stemmed glass from Fortessa, the same company that provided the stemware for our Year End Celebration in December. The new Growler Club growlers will be sourced from Klean Kanteen - with an advanced swinging cap and closure gasket. The Club growler is the only way to obtain access to our special growler fill list, which often includes 32-oz fills of barrel aged and fruited wild beers at-or-near the same price as a 750mL bottle of beer! Club growlers do not expire - once you have one, you'll always have access to our exclusive fills. 

If you haven't already, you can place an order for extra merch until the end of January. At the end of the month, we'll place orders for the merch so that it arrives in time for pick up along with your first beer allotment. Merch will not be ready for pick up until the first beer allotment at the end of the quarter (March). 

When do you start shipping beer?
A new service in 2017, we're going to begin shipping to addresses in California via Golden State Overnight. Please bear with us as we learn how to best implement shipping. Also, please be aware that GSO requires an adult signature on delivery. It's your responsibility to ship to an appropriate address. We'll work with you to send packages for delivery on convenient days. By default, we will ship out packages near the middle of the week so that you can chill down and enjoy your beer over the weekend. If you place an order right now, we will ship it out in a couple weeks. 

Without further delay, here's the information you need to know about the current pre-sale opportunity:



Pre-sale begins

1/27/2017 NOON
Pre-sale ends

1/28/2017 NOON
Public bottle release
1-month pick up window begins

2/28/2017 8PM
1-month pick up window ends
Bottles forfeited


You can purchase the following bottles in the e-store beginning NOW:

Wild Lady (batch 4) - 7.0% abv blond farmhouse ale bottled with a mixed culture. Wild Lady is a delicate beer that begins with a dry profile and flavors of honey comb, wild pears, and green apples. She evolves over time, developing a light funk and sparkling carbonation. Wild Lady is one of our favorite beers to enjoy while watching the Southern California sun set on a warm afternoon. Limit 7 per person. $13 each. 750mL bottle. Wild Lady will be distributed. Purchase now during the pre-sale to secure your bottles!

Frenchie - 7.0% abv dry and fruity farmhouse ale aged in oak barrels with California grown apricots. Frenchie is named after Brandon's grandpa Frenchie, who was an amateur botanist with a variety of fruit trees and vegetable gardens throughout his property. Brandon recalls sitting under the apricot tree with his brother and cousin during visits to Frenchie's home in the 1990's. Frenchie is aged on over 1 pound of fruit per gallon, giving it a big apricot flavor, mild funk, light tartness, and dry profile. Limit 2 per person. $19 each. 750mL bottle. Frenchie may see limited distribution. Purchase now during the pre-sale to secure your bottles!

Abuela, Solera (198), Hot Totty, Sophisticated Lady, and Cobwebs. Check out the e-store for additional details!


Please notify thestable@thegoodbeerco.com with your anticipated pick up date. We appreciate 24-hours notice!
Yes. We will hold on to your bottles. Exclusive club-only bottles will be held for up to roughly 3-months; bottles purchased through a pre-sale will be held for up to roughly 1-month. Please contact us if you are unsure of the pick up deadline for any specific bottles. If you plan to pick up your bottles along with your next club allocation, please arrange a pick up by emailing thestable@thegoodbeerco.com at least 24-hours in advance of your pick up. If you fail to provide 24-hours notice of your pick up, your bottles may not be ready when you arrive. Bottles that remain after the pick up window will be forfeited. 


As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to seeing you!

Brandon, Robyn and Kevin
The Stable 2016
The Good Beer Company