We're excited to release our first round of club allotments and merch! A bottle release party. And we also have more small format bottles on the way...

The Q1 Celebration, your Q1 allotments, and more cute little bottles!

Hay! The first allotments of 2017 will be ready for pick up on April 1. All club-exclusive merchandise will be ready for pick up on April 1 as well - that includes insulated growlers, tote bags, and glassware. We're also putting together a little release party to celebrate! We added some vintage bottles to the e-store - limited quantities! And to celebrate the first exclusive release of the year, we're throwing a bottle release celebration! Without further delay...

Q1 Allotments:

  • Gild The Lily - dry and funky mixed culture ale aged in oak barrels with California guavas. 7.0% abv. 750mL bottle. One bottle is included with your membership. We have enough bottles to allow you to purchase one additional bottle at $20 each.
  • Coulter Crisis - dry and sour mixed culture ale aged in oak barrels with Coulter pine needles. One bottle is included with your membership. Unfortunately, due to the experimental nature of this beer, we do not have sufficient bottle counts to offer additional bottles.

Cute Little Bottles: As you probably already know, we recently started bottling in smaller format "single serve" bottles (375mL). We are using this bottle format to package approachable wild ales that feature a familiar ingredient - our second small format bottle features fruity American hops!

Q1 Celebration: April 1, Good Beer Tasting Room 309 W 4th St, Santa Ana. 12pm-8pm. In the general framework of our 2016 Year End Celebration, we're bringing you the first bottle release party of 2017! The Quarterly Celebration is scaled down compared to the 2016 YEC, but will feature special draft pours, 3L bottles, unlimited palate cleansers, very light snacks, and a huge selection of vintage, current, and future bottle pours in a flight format. We're especially excited to share some unreleased single barrel projects at the Q1C. A flight of 5 vintage bottle pours will cost $17 presale/$20 at the door and includes unlimited palate cleansers and very light snacks. You may invite your friend(s), but all guests must be accompanied by a member! There are NO sessions - you may come and go as you please.

Please review the important dates and beer descriptions below:


    Pre-sale begins

    3/31/2017 NOON
    Pre-sale ends

    4/1/2017 NOON
    Public bottle release
    1-month pick up window begins
    3-month pick up window begins for club allotments
    Quarterly Celebration

    GSO packages ship out

    4/30/2017 8PM
    1-month pick up window ends

    7/2/2017 8PM
    3-month pick up window ENDS for club allotments

    You can purchase the following bottles in the e-store beginning NOW:

    Table Pale - 4.0% abv dry and fruity American farmhouse pale ale with Centennial and Cascade hops fermented with a mixed culture. Our house blend of brewers yeast, wild yeast and bacteria brings a light fruitiness and supremely dry base that works perfectly with these classic American hops. This beer is super refreshing and crushable today, and we expect that this it will evolve into something beautiful. As the hop flavors and aromas begin to fade, the wild yeast and bacteria will begin to exert their flavors. We're going to offer The Stable some great deals on cases of 375mL bottles throughout the year. No limit. $6/bottle or $60/case of 12. 375mL bottle. Table Pale will be distributed. Purchase now during the pre-sale to secure your bottles! This beer is on tap now in the tasting room and has been distributed to several locations around Southern California. 

    2016 Vintage Exclusives: Seldom Seen (2016 Q4), Nectarine Island (2016, Q4), and Rey De Oro (2016 Q2) - LIMITED QUANTITIES

    Public releases: Sangrioro Pepa (limited), Abuela, Solera (198), Cobwebs, Wild Lady, Blackberry Oro, Lemon Season, George, Nectarine Oro, and Pluot Oro. Check out the e-store for additional details!

    Please notify thestable@thegoodbeerco.com with your anticipated pick up date. We appreciate 24-hours notice!
    Yes. We will hold on to your bottles. Exclusive club-only bottles will be held for up to roughly 3-months; bottles purchased through a pre-sale will be held for up to roughly 1-month. Please contact us if you are unsure of the pick up deadline for any specific bottles. If you plan to pick up your bottles along with your next club allocation, please arrange a pick up by emailing thestable@thegoodbeerco.com at least 24-hours in advance of your pick up. If you fail to provide 24-hours notice of your pick up, your bottles may not be ready when you arrive. Bottles that remain after the pick up window will be forfeited. 

    As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to seeing you!

    Brandon, Robyn, Kevin, and Angie
    The Stable
    The Good Beer Company