Like a fermenting barrel, we are overflowing with energy, creativity, and knowledge. Harnessing our understanding of the use of ingredients, processes, and the palate, we craft beers for a range of occasions - a refreshing easy drinking beer for a barbecue with friends, or a nuanced and delicate wild ale to complement a three star meal.

Experimentation and exploration.

The mystery of mixed fermentation may never be fully understood, but after countless hours experimenting and exploring the universe of wild yeast and lactic acid producing bacteria, Good Beer’s team understands how to guide a delicate, nuanced, and complex beer that manages to retain the attributes that a beer should have: fun, flavor, and refreshment.


Fermented in oak barrels…

Our mixed culture ales are inspired by fermentation techniques from a simpler agrarian time, before modern monoculture fermentation transformed beer from a complex and nuanced beverage into the product of industry and clever marketing.

A place for the community…

The Good Beer Company opened to the public in September 2014. Good Beer is the realized dream of Brandon Fender and Robyn Spevacek. Our mission is to create great beers and share them with our friends and family, and to reinvest and build our community. We want to make good beer and be a good beer company.

The Tasting Room, located at 309 West Fourth Street in Downtown Santa Ana, is open to the brewery and our co-working space above ( We offer pints and flights for on site consumption, and crowlers, growlers, cans, and bottles to go. The draft list changes frequently - we average 1-2 new beers per week, and our to go menu changes monthly.

The Tasting Room is bound by brick walls and exposed wood ceilings that date back to the 1880's. The building was originally a livery stable, housing a portion of Santa Ana’s equine population. During the 1900's, the building was used for a variety of uses including a general store, stationary store, and furniture store. By the 1980's, the building had been abandoned, with boarded up windows and pigeons sleeping in the attic. In 2004, the Robyn’s family purchased 309 W 4th St and completely rehabilitated the space to create a contemporary office space.

Finally, in 2014, The Good Beer Company moved into the first floor, adding a 15-barrel copper-clad brewhouse, four stainless steel fermenters and an inviting tasting room. Since opening, Good Beer has focussed on hoppy American style ales, like IPA and Pale Ale, and mixed fermentation sour beers, often aged in oak barrels with local fruit or foraged herbs.

We are proud to be a Brewer Member of the OC Brewers Guild!


The result of modern hop farming…

Our fresh American-inspired ales feature hop profiles developed in the field, under the beams of bright warm sunlight, the latest understanding of how to best emphasize the flavors and aromas contained in one of civilizations greatest accomplishments - the modern hop.