Apricot Oro

The Oro series of beers, brewed by The Good Beer Company, are designed from the outset to highlight the acid development by Lactobacillus during mixed culture fermentation, and the complimentary flavors from fruits. Each variation of Oro features a different and unique fruit that compliments the beer.

Mixed fermentation, barrel aged farmhouse ale aged with apricot

A brightly tart and fruity ale with floral, tropical juice, and stone fruit notes.

Mashed with malted barley, white wheat, and oats. A very small amount of hops are added in the kettle, to avoid hindering the lactic acid development by the Lactobacillus bacteria. Fermented and aged in oak barrels with California grown apricots.

4.1% abv.

Availability: 1/6 barrel and 750mL bottles