Tamarind Viejo

The Viejo series of beers are fermented in stainless steel tanks with a mixed culture of brewers yeast (Saccharomyces) and wild yeast (Brettanomyces). Then, Viejo is racked to neutral wine barrels and aged with a mixed culture, where it develops a light acidity and earthy complexity. Tamarind Viejo is then aged on tamarind paste where it develops a deeper more complex acidity.

Mixed fermentation, barrel aged farmhouse ale aged with tamarind

A sour and complex ale with citrusy tartness and dried fruit character

Mashed with malted barley and oats. Aged hops added in the kettle. Fermented in stainless steel conical tanks, and aged in oak barrels with tamarind.

5.0% abv.

Availability: 1/6 barrel

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