Shipping & Returns


Shipping Information

Every beer we sell online has a unique set of dates associated with it:

Presale Begins: This is the first day on which the beer is available for purchase. The beer is not available for pick up on this date.

Presale Ends: This is the last day on which a beer can be purchased. The beer is not necessarily available for pick up on this date.

Pickup begins: This is the first date on which a beer can be picked up in the tasting room. If you select Flat Rate Shipping at check out, your beer will not arrive until after the pick up has begun.

Pickup deadline: This is the final date to retrieve your beer. We promise to hold your beer for this long. If you will not be able to visit the tasting room before the pick up deadline, contact us immediately and make arrangements. We are a small company and we try to accommodate everyone. We are not a beer cellar and we will not store your beer indefinitely. Any products left after the pick up deadline will be forfeited without refunds.

Shipping begins: This is the initial date when we will begin shipping out purchases made during the presale period. We are only legally allowed to ship beer to destinations within California.

You may select from three different shipping options:

Pick Up — No charge, just pick up your beer before the pick up deadline

Combine with Future Order — You can combine your order with your next order to save on shipping costs.

Flat Rate Shipping — Your beer will ship after it is released.

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Returns & Exchanges

Please let us know if you ever experience a quality issue with our beer or packaging. We’ll do our best to correct any issues. With that said, we are unable to offer exchanges or returns for beer.