Welcome to The Stable, The Good Beer Company's Beer Club, where you'll have special access to 8 unique wild ales in calendar year 2016 as well as members-only merchandise. You are required to review this information prior to signing up for The Stable.


  • The Stable is the Good Beer Company’s 2017 Beer Club 
  • Membership includes eight (8) 750mL bottles of unique wild ale (“Member-only Allocation Bottles”)
  • Members receive special pre-sale access to limited publicly available bottles ("Pre-sale Bottles")
  • Membership includes one (1) stemmed glass, and one (1) six-bottle tote bag
  • First right to refuse 2018 The Stable membership
  • Member-only allocation bottles, pre-sale bottles, and merchandise can be picked up at The Good Beer Company tasting room in Downtown Santa Ana
  • *Change from 2016* Option to ship bottles in California (fees apply)
  • Member-only allocation bottles and merchandise will be held for approximately 1 quarter (3 months)
  • *Change from 2016* Pre-sale bottles will be held for approximately 1 month, option to ship pre-sale (fees apply)
  • Option to purchase insulated 32 oz The Stable exclusive growler (which gives you access to exclusive growler fills)
  • Cost is $175 plus tax



Today: The Stable information distributed to 2016 members

September 1, 2016: 2016 Members may begin purchasing 2017 memberships

October 1, 2016: Unfulfilled memberships (if any) will be offered to the wait list for purchase on first come first served basis

October 29, 2016: The Good Beer Company celebrates 2 years in business!

November 1, 2016: Unfulfilled memberships (if any) are offered to the public for purchase on a first come first served basis

December: End-of-year celebration exclusively for The Stable 2016 members - details forthcoming

January 1, 2017-December 31, 2017: The duration of your 2017 membership


As a member in The Stable, you'll receive eight wild ales packaged in 750mL bottles in 2017. Because wild ales are notoriously finicky and unpredictable, we cannot provide a list of beers that are expected as part of the membership. While we cannot predict which beers will be available, we expect each beer included in your membership to carry one or more of the following credentials: barrel aged, containing Brettanomyces and/or bacteria, and/or containing fruit, locally foraged ingredients, or native microbe cultures. We plan to release at least two beers per quarter (four total distributions), subject to revision, at the end of each quarter. If there are additional bottles available, The Stable will have the first opportunity to purchase additional bottles. We reserve the right to hold small quantities. If we have small quantities of The Stable exclusive beers remaining in stock, we’ll offer them to The Stable on a first-come first-served basis at the end of the following quarter. 

Beginning in 2017, you'll have the option to either pick up your quarterly distribution in person, or have your beer shipped (additional fees apply) within California (we will not under any circumstances ship to any locations outside of California). We’ll work with you to combine certain orders into combined shipments. Shipped packages must be signed for by someone over the age of 21; failing to provide an appropriate shipping address may result in delayed, returned or lost shipments and potentially loss of amount paid for shipping or the shipped products. We will hold your quarterly distribution for up to approximately one quarter. Our brewery has limited storage space - please help us out by picking up your quarterly distributions promptly after they're released. Additionally, we hugely appreciate at least 24-hour notice (via email) of your anticipated pick up. When you provide 24-hour notice (via email) of pick up you may assign a trustee or proxy to pick up your beer. 

The Stable members will receive special access to limited public release pre-sale. This means that when we have an interesting beer that we plan to release to the public, Blackberry Oro, for example, we may offer that beer up for pre-sale to members of The Stable. A minor change from 2016 - in 2017, we will hold pre-sale bottles for up to approximately 1 month following the release date. With almost four brands released on a monthly basis, we ran into issues through 2016 with on site storage and organization. With this change, we’ll also start shipping pre-sale bottles to destinations within the State of California (additional fees apply). 

The club-only stemmed glassware and 6-bottle tote included with your membership will be available for pick up with the first distribution of the year. You’ll have an opportunity to purchase a 32oz insulated stainless steel growler and join the growler club, gaining access to exclusive fills throughout the year (32 oz insulated growler is expected to be ready for pick up by the end of the first quarter).

As a member in 2017, you'll have first right to join The Stable 2018. Your 2017 membership will run from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017. You must be 21 or older, and present valid identification, in order to join The Stable. Beers included in The Stable membership are not available for wholesale - do not resell bottles included in this membership. If you choose to illegally resell beer included in this membership, your membership may be terminated without warning. 

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In 2016, we spent a lot of effort growing and expanding our offerings in bottles. In fact, we released 4 brands in February, 5 brands in March, 5 brands in April, 3 brands in early June, 4 brands in late June, and 4 brands in August. That's a lot of bottles! As you’ve probably noticed, we release beers like George from time to time based on our production availability and when the fruit is in season. In 2017, you can expect to see substantially more barrel aged beers and a few new brands based on locally foraged ingredients…

Through the first 8 months of 2016, we increased our barrel inventory from less than 50 barrels to almost 200! A large portion of the barrels added in 2016 are aging farmhouse ales with wild yeast and bacteria. We’ve started incorporating a wide variety of different Brettanomyces strains to incorporate a variety of flavor profiles into our blends. Additionally, because we’ve increased our barrel inventory, you can expect to see higher bottle limits next year. Anticipated re-releases include George, Blackberry Oro, Apricot Oro, Frenchie, Cherry Oro, Siesta, Fiesta, La Vista, Ralph, Viejo, Solera, and many more!

Something we’re really excited about exploring next year is the use of foraged ingredients from the family ranch in the mountains near Julian California, east of San Diego. The Mesa Chiquita Ranch spans many hundreds of acres of native oak and pine forest, and local chaparral where free range cattle graze. We have lots of ideas and a couple beers already in the pipeline that utilize locally foraged ingredients and local yeast/bacteria cultures. As our biggest supporters, you’ll be offered the opportunity to try these beers first.



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